Best Buddy Pet Rescue goes through a screening process for every animal in order to place them into the right homes.  To the best of our ability, we assess the personality and behavior traits of the animals to try and fit them to the right environment with the right people.  This not only ensures their happiness but also brings the best results to the adopter.

Each adopter is required to fill out an application.  The application process time differs for everyone.  We make our best effort to respond to all applications within 4 business days.  If you have not heard back in regard to your application for adoption you can email us at  In order to qualify for adoption, you must be 21 years of age or older, any current pets must be fully vetted and up-to-date on vaccinations (unless against vet recommendation), be allowed to own animals in your residence, and most importantly be the right fit for the pet.

Each adoption starts with an initial trial period of two weeks.  During that initial two weeks, if the animal becomes sick we will make an appointment at our vet and if it does not work out we will issue a refund or find a better match.